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About Me

I love beads in all shapes, textures and colors. From the smallest size 15 seed beads (anything smaller makes me go blind) to the largest stone and metal one-of-a-kind beads. They're all inspirations for each of my unique pieces.


What's just as important as the beads is the techniques and processes I use to get the right look for each piece. I'm Tuscarora, part of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, and our love for raised beadwork is immense. I love working with beadwork, talking about beadwork, touching beadwork and anything that has to do with beadwork. Our techniques for Tuscarora raised-beadwork is a process that we protect and share, as it's part of who we are as a native people. I extend that love to my other pieces like keychains, bracelets, necklaces and wirework. They're all just as important to who I am.

I've been working with beads for over 25 years, making simple items like brick-stitch earrings, daisy chain necklaces and wire rings. Over the years I've expanded my repertoire to more complex-style earrings, necklaces and bracelets using higher quality materials, and especially Tuscarora raised-beadwork.

I'm inspired by anything and everything. Nature and birds play huge parts in my raised-beadwork designs, along with my passion and appreciation for old patterns and forms. I like to tie these inspirations to modern aesthetics and other inspirations that are unconventional like contemporary art, music and movies.

It's my passion to provide quality native-made pieces with an authentic, quality product and service. Currently i do many shows and fairs throughout the year, with an emphasis on Native American shows and opportunities. Please check out my BLOG for more details about upcoming shows throughout the year. The highlight of my year is the SWAIA Indian Art Market every August in Santa Fe, NM. I enjoy this show immensely and I work all year to build an inventory for this one show.

I make everything in my workroom by hand on the Tuscarora Nation, near Niagara Falls, NY. Nya:we for stopping by my website and check me out on Instagram to see postings about me and my beadwork.

Additional shots of my work: